Shakespeare and Performance Open Review Deadline Extended

Shakespeare Quarterly’s open review for our special issue on performance is up and running strong–so strong that we’ve extended the commenting period to enable the conversations to continue. You now have until April 7th to evaluate and comment on the six submissions that have been put online:

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Introducing the Shakespeare Quarterly Forum!

Welcome to the new Shakespeare Quarterly Forum! We are launching this space to offer our authors and readers an online space in which to continue—or start—conversations sparked by our articles and reviews. Our first posts will showcase the authors of our latest special issue, “1594” (Winter 2010), starting with a profile of noted theater historian Roslyn L. Knutson, who wrote our lead essay, “What’s So Special about 1594?” Next, Andrew Gurr, Holger Schott Syme, Leslie Thomson, and Bart van Es join us in a roundtable to discuss why 1594 is—or isn’t—a key year in Shakespeare studies and theater history. And look for news about the journal’s special issue on performance studies, coming this fall.
—David Schalkwyk
Editor, Shakespeare Quarterly